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    So sweet! Take a close look at Hami melons in Xinjiang

    So sweet! Take a close look at Hami melons in Xinjiang

    2023-09-07 23:57:29 來源:中新網新疆

    Farmers in Naomaohu Town of northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have seen a bumper harvest of Hami melons this year.  

    Hami melon has always been one of the prominent fruits in Xinjiang. Naomaohu is located 160 kilometers from the eastern Tian Shan Mountains, with abundant sunshine, dry climate, and significant temperature differences between day and night, making it an ideal environment for Hami melon growth. The Hami melons produced here have a sugar content of over 15 degrees.  

    The agricultural advisor in Naomaohu Town introduced the main varieties of local Hami melons and shared tips on selecting ripe melons on site.  

    In recent years, the region has been vigorously promoting the application of new technologies in Hami melon cultivation. Smart drip irrigation control through a mobile app has reduced overall irrigation costs by 30%. 

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